Main engines 2 x 500kw diesel Twin centrifugal lift fans Twin variable pitch propulsion Passengers 40-50 pending layout Speed to 40kts Lift - designed to suit operational requirements

  • Category: Phantom 1700 Series


The Phantom 17/40 is an excellent choice for ferry and or tourism operations. It has been specifically designed to take a bus load of people. This craft can operate in open water with a class society classification to suit. The 17/40 is a highly durable craft in design. Interior fitout can be designed to meet your needs, this craft has two toilets' forward of the main cabin area. spacious cabin area, 3 TV's and is fitted with 6 x camera's  2 x internal and 4 external. A service area may also be installed at clients request. The cockpit is raised with seating for the pilot and onboard engineer or staff member.